MTN YouTube Plan Cheat Code 2023 [FREE STREAMING]

Not long ago, I post the latest MTN data cheat code on this site, and since then, there’s been a lot of people saying that the post didn’t contain the MTN YouTube plan cheat.

Of course, you can enjoy free YouTube on MTN. But my bad, I forgot to add it to the data cheat posted previously.

But believe me, there’s a reason why it wasn’t added.

That’s because I wanted to post this post separately to show you all the MTN YouTube plan cheat codes, and how to activate them on an MTN SIM.

So, if you’ve been searching for the MTN free YouTube cheat code, or looking for how to watch YouTube videos for free using the MTN line, then continue reading for you’re in the right place.

On this page, you’ll discover the free YouTube cheat code for MTN both day and night.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


About MTN YouTube Plan Cheat

The MTN YouTube cheat code is not just one code, but a bunch of codes that can be used to get free data that can be used to watch videos on YouTube using your MTN line.

The free data gotten from the MTN YouTube plan cheat can only be used on the YouTube app and is not active when accessing YouTube via their webpage.

The cheat codes for MTN free YouTube can be activated in two ways. That means there are two tricks to get free YouTube data on MTN.

One is available both day and night, while the other can only be used at midnight only.

While they are different and have different activation codes, both MTN cheat for YouTube can be used on all devices that have the YouTube app installed on them.

Now, starting from the one that works both day and night, let’s see how to activate the MTN YouTube plan cheat codes.

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MTN YouTube Plan Cheat Code

The first YouTube cheat we will be discussing is the MTN YouTube unlimited plan where you pay just N50 to watch YouTube videos anyhow you like unlimitedly.

Although, this cheat is amazing, but not available for all customers, as it comes with come conditions and eligibility requirements.

Well, that will be explained along the way, but first, let’s see the MTN YouTube cheat code for unlimited YouTube data.

  • Dial *567*59# your phone dialer app 
  • If you are eligible for the package, a pop-up will show up where you’ll need to choose option 1 to continue or 2 to quit
  • Now, simply reply with 1 to continue,
  • Then proceed to subscribe to the MTN YouTube unlimited data cheat plan and start enjoying free YouTube for 1 hour.

Note: This cheat works only for an hour on YouTube. That means you can watch as many videos as you like for 60 minutes. But after the 1 hour duration, your connection will be stopped.

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ATTENTION: If this code didn’t work for you, just keep scrolling down gently to see the 100% MTN Free YouTube for all MTN customers and all MTN SIMs.


  • Ensure you have at least N50 airtime balance
  • Your MTN line must not be newer than 3 months
  • You must recharge your MTN line within a month with an N200 minimum
  • Your MTN line must be linked with a valid National Identification Number, NIN

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MTN Free YouTube Cheat Code

In case the above MTN YouTube cheat did not work for you, here’s another one that has a 99.9% success rate of working as long as it is still available on the MTN network.

However, unlike the night and day MTN YouTube cheat, this one requires a little bit more investment to get it activated.

Here’s how it works:

Normally on the MTN network, the N500 subscription gives you 750MB, right? But when you use the MTN Free YouTube code to activate this plan, you’ll get another additional 750MB to use YouTube only where you can still browse with the regular 750MB you actually surprised to.

Hope you get it?

Here’s what I mean

  • Purchase a data plan, and get a 100% free bonus to use on YouTube.

I believe it’s clearer now. So, let’s move on to see how to activate the MTN YouTube plan cheat code.

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How to Activate Free YouTube on MTN

You can activate the MTN YouTube plan cheat code by following the simple steps below.

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *312#
  • Select the “FREE YOUTUBE” option
  • Now, select your preferred package with free YouTube
  • Finally, proceed to subscribe, and you’ll get a 100% free MTN data bonus to be used only on YouTube.
MTN YouTube plan cheat

Note: This YouTube cheat works only at night. That is you can only make use of it from 11 pm to 6 am in the morning.

More so, there are a lot of Free YouTube plan on the list, which means the amount of free YouTube data you can get on MTN depends on the amount you subscribe.

MTN Free YouTube Cheat Code – FAQs

How can I activate MTN YouTube unlimited data for free?

You can activate the MTN YouTube unlimited data for free by simply dialing *567*59# once your MTN line is above 3 months old.

How can I get free YouTube on MTN?

You can get free YouTube on MTN by simply dialing *312#, selecting the FREE YOUTUBE option, the subscribing to a plan with an additional free 100% YouTube bonus.

Which MTN plan gives free YouTube data?

All MTN tariff plan gives free YouTube once you use the appropriate MTN Free YouTube code to activate the plan (*312#, then select FREE YOUTUBE).


With this simple guide about the MTN YouTube plan cheat code, I believe you now know how to get free YouTube data on MTN.

Please feel free to use the comment box if you still have questions concerning this topic,


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