MTN Night Plan Code [2023/2024] 11pm to 6am | 2GB, 1GB & 250MB

This post contains a complete guide about the MTN Night Plan 11pm to 6am Code.

Are you one of those that got an interesting movie on your mind but doesn’t have enough data to download them?

Or you’re always awake through the night but wasn’t able to watch those trending TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Videos? Then MTN night plan 11pm to 6am is the right option for you.

It is no more a secret that MTN night plan, MTN night sub, or MTN nightlife (whichever way you call it), is one of the best data plans available to be enjoyed by MTN Subscribers.

With this night data plan on MTN Subscribers can browse up to 2GB Data Cap every night.

About MTN Night Plan

Rolled out by the network in 2016, MTN night plan is a data plan on the MTN network that allows subscribers to browse the internet at midnight for an extremely cheap cost.


The MTN night plan is made available on a specific MTN tariff plan in two packages for as low as N25 for 250MB and 50mb for N50 respectively.

This night data plan on MTN can be used to stream videos online, scroll through social media engaging with content, chat and make calls on WhatsApp and Messenger, and most importantly download stuff online.

As internet evolves around the world and of course in Nigeria, the introduction of the night plan on MTN is really a smart move by the network. This is because the plan meets the need of many heavy internet users.

Now, you could just make a subscription of just N50, and use it like it’s unlimited.

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Who is Eligible for MTN Night Plan 11pm to 6am?

First of all, It’s important to know if you’re eligible for MTN night plan so as not to waste your time reading this article to the end.

Of course, every MTN subscriber either an old SIM or new SIM user is eligible for the MTN night data Plan.

However, it might be quite intimidating when you see MTN Pulse in the menu option, but don’t mind that, every MTN subscriber irrespective of the tariff plan is eligible for MTN Nightlife Bundle.

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How to Do Night Plan on MTN

Doing or subscribing to MTN Night Plan is an easy step-by-step process. 

First, pick up your phone and dial *406#, then enter 4 which is Nightlife Bundle, and after you click send, the available Nightlife Bundles will be displayed on your screen. Once the options pop up, choose any of the plans your want to go for starting from N25.

Did you get it? If not, then follow it step-by-step as listed below. 

  • Step #1: Dial *406#
  • Step #2: Input “3” into the option box
  • Step #3: Choose the plan you want to subscribe to by entering the digit number it falls under.

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Code for MTN Night Plan

*406*4# is the general code for the MTN night plan. But depending on the type/amount you want to subscribe to, there are more steps to follow. 

The following are all MTN Night Plan Code and a clear explanation on how to subscribe to your preferred Nightlife Plan on MTN.

Data BundlePriceActivation Code

MTN Night Plan Code For 25 Naira

Dial *406#, then reply with 3 which is MTN Nightlife and then reply with 1 to subscribe 250MB Pulse Nightlife @ N25.

  • Simply dial *406#
  • Select option 3 – MTN Nightlife
  • Then, Select 1 – 250MB Pulse Nightlife @25

Alternatively, you can dial *406*3*1# to make the N25 night sub on MTN.

MTN Night Plan Code

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MTN Night Plan Code For 50 Naira

Dial *406#, then reply with 3 which is MTN Nightlife and then reply with 2 to subscribe 500MB Pulse Nightlife @ N50.

  • Simply dial *406#
  • Select option 3 – MTN Nightlife
  • Select option 2 – 500MB Pulse Nightlife @50

Alternatively ,you can dial *406*3*2# to do MTN night sub with N50.

MTN Night Plan Code for 50 Naira

MTN Night Plan Code For 100 Naira

Unlike Glo and Airtel, there is currently no direct code for 100 Naira MTN night plan. However, you can subscribe to Nightlife @ N50 twice to activate the 100 Naira MTN night plan.

  • Kindly dial *406#
  • Reply with 3 – MTN Nightlife
  • Select option 2 – 500MB for N50
  • Then, repeat the process once again.

MTN Night Plan Code For 200 Naira

Unfortunately, MTN doesn’t offer 200 Naira night plan. But, you can subscribe to Nightlife @ N50 four times through the night to make it your own or activate the 200 Naira MTN Night Plan.

  • Kindly dial *406#
  • Select option 3 – MTN Nightlife
  • Choose option 2 – 500MB for N50
  • Then, repeat the process 3 more times.

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How To Activate MTN Night Data Plan Via SMS

Are the above USSD method not working on your MTN line? OR the process is too long?

Here’s a shorter and straightforward method to do MTN night plan 11pm to 6am. The coolest thing is that it is via SMS.

And here’s it!

Send an SMS “Nt1” to 312 for the 250MB for N25 (8 times = 2GB) 


“Nt2” to 312 for the 500MB for N50 (4 times = 2GB).

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Benefits of MTN Night Data Plan

Every features including data plans, tariff plans, and promos comes with it benefits to customers on MTN. Now, what is the benefits of MTN night sub?

  • You’ll get huge data volume for cheap price.
  • It has the cheapest MTN data packages, with 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50.
  • You can use the MTN night browsing to stream videos online.
  • You can use it to download any file, movies, games, audio, photos, and so on.
  • You can use the MTN night sub to upload large files on the internet. e.g uploading Videos to your YouTube channel.
  • MTN night browsing can also be used to scroll through social media, chat and make video calls with loved ones.
  • MTN night browsing is super fast for internet connection.

How Many Times Can You Do MTN Night Plan?

As said earlier, you can use only 2GB Data Cap per night on the MTN night data plan. However, you can do or activate MTN Nightlife unlimited times night after night,  as long as you’re an MTN Network Subscriber.

How to Check MTN Night Bundle Balance

To check your MTN night bundle data balance, first Dial *406#, then Reply with 4 which is Nightlife Bundles and then reply with 3 which is Balance.

Once that is done, an SMS that contains the details of your MTN night data Balance will be sent to your MTN line within just a few seconds.

How to Know if my MTN Night Plan Has Expired

Very simple! You will receive an SMS notification telling you your MTN Nightlife Bundles has just expired.

You can also keep track of your night plan on MTN via the settings App on your phone so that you can quicky know if you exhausts your MTN night data plan.

This can be done by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to the settings app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on Network & Internet
  • Tap on “Data Usage
  • Then, a graph showing the amount of data volume you’ve used for that period. You can check back time to time to keep track of it.
  • Now, subtract the data you’ve used from the volume you bought initially. And you’ll get the total volume of data left.
  • Finally, to know if your MTN night plan data is finished.
  • Navigate to Data Limit under the Network and Internet setting of your phone.
  • Then, set the limit to 1 or 2 megabytes less than the night data bundle you subscribed to.

That’s it, you’ll receive a push notification once your data is about to finish.

What Time Does Mtn Night Plan Start?

MTN Nightlife data plan starts at 11:00 pm and ends 6:00 am.

MTN Night Plan – FAQs

Does MTN have night data?

Yes! MTN has a night data plan that is launched on the Pulse tariff plan, and comes in 2 packages namely; Pulse NightLife @50 and Pulse NightLife @25.

What is the code for MTN night sub?

The code for MTN night sub is *406# > Select 3 – MTN Nightlife > Select 1 – For N25 night sub, or Select 2 – For N50 night sub on MTN.

How do I activate MTN night plan?

To activate the MTN night plan, simply Text NT1 to 312 for N25 Nightlife bundle, or Text NT2 to 312 for N50 MTN night sub.

How can I get 1GB on MTN night plan?

To get 1GB on MTN night plan, simply Text NT2 to 312 two times, or Text NT1 to 312 four times. It costs N100.

What is the MTN night plan code for data?

The MTN night plan code for data is *406*3*1# for N25 for 250MB night life bundle, and *406*3*2# for N50 for 500MB night data on MTN.

Can I renew my MTN midnight surf package?

Yes, you can upgrade the low-cost plan and as follows:

  • Just dial *406# to open the Pulse menu.
  • Select option “3” to see the NightLife package price.
  • Now select the option for the NightLife bundle you like.

You can also allow this plan to renew itself automatically. It will connect you every night as long as you have a sufficient airtime balance of ₦25 and above on your channel (depending on your previous subscription plan).

At what time do the MTN night bundle start working and end?

The MTN night bundle start working at exactly 11:00pm before midnight and ends at exactly 6:00am very early in the morning.

How long is MTN night data?

MTN night data is 7 hours long, as it start from 11 pm and ends at 6 am.

How do I get MTN free midnight data?

You can get MTN midnight sub for free by subscribing to an MTN data plan that gives midnight bonus.

Can I convert Night data to day data?

No, you cannot convert MTN night data into day data, as night data is meant for midnight only.

How do I borrow midnight bundle on MTN?

You can borrow midnight bundle on MTN by first borrowing airtime, then use it to buy to MTN night subscription.


Since the launch of the MTN midnight bundle, MTN users have been staying awake just to enjoy this data plan either to download large files or scroll through social media.

However, some users still haven’t got to know much about this data plan. And that is why I’ve come up with this MTN Night Plan 11pm to 6am code to help you out.

I hope you enjoyed this post? 

If you didn’t understand some part of this guide, kindly drop a comment right below in the comments section. I’m always available to help.

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