MTN Free Night Browsing Code 2023 | UNLIMITED Midnight Data

Do you want MTN Night Data for FREE?

Did your friend, neighbour, or sibling tell you he/she is always getting free night data on MTN, and you’re wondering how they are doing it, and if it is even possible?

Then you might be asking yourself how to activate MTN free night browsing, or how to use MTN free night data, or even how to get MTN free night data.

If those are some of your questions, then search no further, for you’ve landed on the right page where I’ll explain to you in details everything you need to know about MTN free night browsing.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

About MTN Free Night Browsing

While talking about the MTN free night data, people tend to seek answers like “this is the code for MTN free night browsing” or “MTN free night browsing cheat is ——-“.

Similar to one of the types of Airtel free night data, MTN free night browsing is not like the Glo free night browsing where you can get free night data as a bonus when you purchase a data plan.


Actually, MTN gives additional free data on data purchase, but it can only be used to watch YouTube videos only.

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Instead, you’ll need to buy an MTN night data plan to be able to use the MTN night browsing. Although it is not free, it is offensively cheap, as you can get 500 MB for just N50.

You see now that it is almost free, compared to the MTN data plan that gives your 50 MB for N50. Yes, you get 10X data volume for the same amount (50 Naira) when it’s night.

Amazing, right? Then, how do you get the data?

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How to Get MTN Free Night Data

As said earlier, you can’t get free night data on MTN, but you can only get cheap night data on the MTN network.

However, that is not in all cases, as MTN compensates some of its customers with free night data sometimes depending on how loyal they are or the tariff plan there are subscribed to.

But apart from that, you can only use MTN free night browsing by either buying the cheap night data plans on the MTN network or activating the MTN Data +Free YouTube Package.

The MTN night data plan is referred to as the MTN nightlife bundle and can only be accessed by migrating to MTN pulse tariff plan. 

This plan is very cheap and it ranges from as low as N25 for 250 MB and up to 2 GB for just 200 Naira. No MTN regular data plan could give you this offensively cheap offer. And that’s why it made the list of MTN free night browsing list.

Find out more about the MTN night plan from 9 pm to 6 am here!

The second is the free YouTube bonus MTN gives you when you purchase a regular data plan with a special code via SMS.

On this, you can get up to 4GB of data to watch YouTube videos at midnight, and also get 15 GB of data to use on all internet features from social media to download files, videos, audios and even watch YouTube videos both day and night for just N5000.

They are a lot cheaper plans on the MTN Data +Free YouTube. You can check them out here.

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With a wide range of data bonuses, MTN is without a doubt one of the best network operators in the country.

I believe by now, you would have known how to get free night data on MTN and how to use MTN free night browsing to your advantage.

If you have any questions concerning this post, please feel free to drop them down in the comment box below.


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