MTN Double Data Code & Eligibility 2023 [40GB+ FREE BONUS]

Not long ago, I posted an article about the Airtel double data code, and since then, a lot has been going on with MTN too, as some users have started seeking the MTN double data code.

Although the MTN network has tons of incredible and cheap data bundles, when it comes to double data, you should know that it’s like a freebie.

And that has made a lot of customers start taking advantage of the offer. Think about it, why would you buy 1.5GB bundle for N1000, when you can get a whopping 3GB data for that same N1000.

That’s why I’ve brought before you the MTN double data code to show you exactly how to get double data on MTN.

Of course, you’ll discover everything from the eligibility and activation to the duration and also the MTN double data cheat code.

If you’re ready to enjoy the 2X offer, then read on.

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About MTN Double Data Offer

MTN double data sometimes referred to as the MTN 100% data bonus is an exclusive offer recently launched by the MTN network to compensate customers for data subscriptions.

That simply means you can use the MTN double data code to enjoy 2 times (2X) the value of your data purchase on the MTN network.

For example, if you buy 500 Naira bundle that gives 750MB regular data, you’ll get 1.5GB instead, with the MTN double data offer.

Why this offer is called the MTN 100 percent data bonus offer is that as you can see in the example given above, you get 100% or 2X the value of your data subscription (i.e 750MB + 750MB = 1.5GB).

While this offer is amazing, it is not available for all MTN customers, as there is an eligibility requirement that comes with it.

Although, it’s very important you know the eligibility criteria of this offer, let’s see how to get MTN double data first, then we’ll talk about the eligibility later in this post.

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How to Get Double Data on MTN

The MTN double data offer can be activated in two ways. The first one is the 100% working one, while the second type is 50/50.

What does that mean?

The first MTN double data offer is the YafunYafun double data offer that can be activated only on SIMs that are subscribed to the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan.

While the second one is kind of a cheat code that let you get 2X data value. I called this 50/50 because it may and may not be available.

Now, starting from the YafunYafun double data, how do you activate it?

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MTN Double Data Code

The MTN double data code is the normal data plan code *312#, and the list of the available MTN double data plans will show up on your screen.

After dialing the double data code on MTN, you’ll see a list of normal data bundles. However, when you subscribe to any of the plans, you’ll double the volume of the package upon activation.

For example, if you buy 1.5GB for N1000, after subscribing, you’ll get an additional 1.5GB data bonus making it 3GB for 1000 altogether.

Note: This MTN double data code only works on the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan. Therefore, if you’re on Pulse or BetaTalk, you may not get your data doubled after subscription.

How to Be Eligible for MTN Double Data

Like I’ve been saying almost from the beginning of this article, the MTN double data has some requirements that must be passed before you can enjoy the offer.

To be eligible for the MTN double data, you’ll need to first make sure you’re on the Yafun Yafun tariff plan on your MTN line.

If you’re not sure, you can check our post on how to migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun to see how to migrate to MTN double data plan and start enjoying the 2 times offer on your MTN line.

Bonus: The Yafun Yafun plan is the new tariff plan on MTN and it is available on all new MTN SIM by default.

Once migrated, you can go ahead and dial the code for MTN double data plan and start enjoying MTN 100% data bonus on data subscriptions.

MTN Double Data Plans and Activation Codes

To make things more understandable, I’ve decided to simply the MTN double data plan offer by explaining it in the table below.

PriceStandard DataBonus DataTotal DataValidity Period
N300350MB350MB700MB7 DAYS
N500750MB750MB1.5GB14 DAYS
N10001.5GB1.5GB3GB30 DAYS
N20004.5GB4.5GB9GB30 DAYS
N350012GB12GB24GB30 DAYS
N500020GB20GB40GB30 DAYS
N1000040GB40GB80GB30 DAYS

MTN Double Data Cheat

The second double data on MTN is the MTN double data cheat that I told you about earlier that may or may not be available.

However, you can try it if you’re lucky to have it available for you by following the procedure below.

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *121#
  • Select the “Data4ME” option
  • If you have the double data offer available for you, it will appear on your screen just like the example below.
MTN Double data

In that example, you’ll see that the N3500 data package that is usually available as 12GB for N3500, can be purchased at 24GB for N3500.

Now you see it’s doubled using the code for MTN double data.

How to Check MTN Double Data Bonus Balance

To be really sure that you’re being credited with the 100% data bonus after subscribing to a data plan using the code for double data on MTN, you’ll need to check your balance.

To check your MTN double data balance, simply dial *312*4#, and a pop-up containing your double data balance will appear on your screen, after which you’ll receive an SMS from MTN containing all your data balance including the 100% bonus.

Alternatively ,you can dial *310# or *310#to check the balance of your double data on MTN.

Other Methods on How to Get MTN Double Data

There are claims that you can activate MTN double data following the steps below. However, it is just like the 50/50 double data code that I just showed you above.

Chances are you may not have the offer available for you. But you can try it if you wish.

To use this method, you’ll need to send the following SMS to 312

  • Navigate to the messaging app on your phone and type in “DOUBLE” in the text box, then send it to 312: DOUBLE to 312.
  • MTN is likely to send you a quick reply that contains some slightly long text that seems like the action is successful, forget about the message and proceed with the next step below.
  • Once again, type in “PROMO” in the text box and send to 312: PROMO to 312
  • As usual, MTN will inbox you with another quick reply just ignore them and continue with the next step.
  • For one last time, type in “FREE” in the text box and send to 312: FREE to 312
  • Finally, purchase airtime and subscribe to any plan.

That’s all, but it seems like this method doesn’t work anymore. Below is a little proof.

How to get double data on MTN

MTN 100% Data Bonus – FAQs

Is MTN giving double data?

Yes, MTN is giving double data, and it can be activated on the Yafun Yafun tariff plan.

Which MTN tariff is giving double data?

MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan is the MTN tariff plan that is giving double data on every data purchase.

How do you double data on MTN?

To double your MTN data, just migrate to the YafunYafun tariff plan, and dial *312# to buy a data bundle, then you’ll get 2X the value of the data package purchased.

What is the cheat code for double data on MTN?

The MTN double data cheat code is *121*1#, and you’ll get 2X data volume offer if it is currently available for you.

How can I get 100% data bonus on MTN?

You can get 100% data bonus simply by migrating to the Yafun Yafun tariff plan, then dialing *312# to purchase a data bundle, and you’ll get 2 times the subscription value.


The MTN double data offer is without doubt of the best and most amazing data offers that is currently running on the MTN network. So, jump on it while it still lasts.

Anyways, with this simple guide about the MTN double data code, I believe you now know how to get double data on MTN by using the code for MTN double data explained in this post.


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