MTN Data Cheat Code 2023 | 120GB+ FREE Browsing Hack

Have you ever browsed for free using your MTN line? Or have you ever used any MTN data cheat code that gives unlimited data before?

Whether you have or you haven’t, here in this post today, I’ll show you some of the cheapest, most amazing, and latest MTN cheat codes for extremely cheat bundles, and of course, FREE data.

If you use more browsing data, you would notice the prices of standard data bundles these days are becoming annoying especially when you come across the 50MB for N100 package.

But, why spend N100 on a 50MB bundle when you could get 75MB for just 20 Naira using the latest MTN cheat code that I’ll be showing you in this post.

That’s not all, but you’ll also see the MTN data hack and cheat codes for MTN free browsing. More so, the MTN cheat 120GB and 200MB for N50 aren’t exemptions, as you’ll also discover the 5GB for 500 Naira MTN cheat code.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

About MTN Data Cheat

MTN data cheat, or cheat code for MTN data is not just a code or trick, instead, they are a variety of USSD codes, tricks, and methods that are used to get huge data volumes for an extremely cheap price.

Of course, these codes can also be used to get data totally for free and also free browsing on the MTN network.

The cheat code on MTN can be used to get data legitimately and sometimes in a tricky way on the network. These cheats are often used especially when looking to download huge files.

The methods and tricks of putting these codes into work vary, as the activation differs based on SIM types, tariff plans, device types, and times of use.

Although there are many MTN data plan cheats out there that come with tough eligibility requirements, the ones I’ll be showing you have flexible eligibility criteria.

Disclaimer: Showing you a variety of the latest MTN data cheat codes doesn’t guarantee that all the MTN cheat codes that you’ll see on this page will work for you.

That simply means you may not be eligible for some data cheat on MTN. So, once you try one code and it doesn’t work, you can try another to see if it is available for you.

ATTENTION READ THIS: For some reason, I decided to put the free MTN browsing cheat at the bottom of this page, so you’ll need to scroll farther down if you’re here for the MTN free data cheat code. 

But for now, let’s start with some of the cheapest data cheat codes for MTN.

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MTN Data Cheat for 20 Naira

The first on the list is the MTN 20 Naira cheat code that gives you an unexpected and mind-blowing huge data volume when you activate the code with N20.

Yes, mind blowing, because you get a whopping 75MB data package for just 20 NGN. Below is how to activate this MTN cheat.

  • Recharge your MTN line with at least N20 airtime.
  • Now, navigate to your phone dialer app and dial *312*10#
  • Then, a pop up containing the N25 for 75MB package will show up
  • Just proceed to subscribe to the bundle and it will be activated.
MTN data cheat code for 20 Naira

MTN Data Cheat for 50 Naira

The second code for MTN cheat on the list is the one that gives you 200MB for just 50 NGN. Yes, a whopping 200 Megabytes of browsing data for just N50.

To activate this cheat, make sure you have at least 50 Naira airtime pre-loaded on your MTN line, then follow the steps below.

  • Dial *312*25#
  • Then, proceed to subscribe to the 200MB for 50 Naira package.
50 Naira MTN data cheat

MTN Data Cheat for 100 Naira

Cheat code for 100 Naira on MTN is another amazing MTN cheat on this list.

Unlike the first two, the 100 Naira cheat can be categorized in different methods. That is there is more than one cheat code, and tricks that work for 100 Naira on the MTN network.

See them below.

1GB MTN Data Hack

To activate this cheat for NGN100, just recharge your line with at least N100, then follow the steps below.

  • Make sure you’re using the MTN 4G LTE SIM
  • Download the MTN mobile app (myMTN)
  • Register an account, or log in if you already have one.
  • On the dashboard, click on the “Data Offer” option
  • Tap on the cards one by one and keep scratching serially until you find the 1GB package.
  • Now, click on the Buy Now button, and the subscription will be activated.
MTN data cheat for 100 Naira

500MB MTN Data Hack

Recharge your line with at least an N100 airtime, then follow the procedures below to get a 500MB cheat bundle on the MTN network.

  • Simply navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *12#
  • Select the “Data4ME” option
  • Now, pick the 500MB bundle that is usually available for 100 Naira.

Note: This cheat only works for some selected customers. However, it often works on 4G SIMs and Old SIMs than not.

MTN Data Cheat for 200 Naira

The MTN 200 Naira data cheat code is another MTN data plan cheat that gives you huge data volume for just a cheap price.

Note: The MTN data cheat code for 200 Naira usually works only on 4G SIM and very new SIM.

More so, this cheat’s activation is based on luck and eligibility. That is, even though the cheat is available on new and 4G SIMs, MTN picks SIMs that they want to delight with the bonus.

So, to activate the MTN 200 Naira cheat code, you’ll need to wait for MTN to send you an eligibility SMS containing the code to activate the package.

  • The code that will be sent to you is usually *567*310.
  • You can also dial *312*205# to see if you can enjoy this cheat.
  • Or, dial *121# to see if this data cheat is currently available for you there.

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MTN Cheat Code for 500 Naira

Similar to the MTN 1G data hack, this cheat code for MTN 500 naira package can be activated on the MTN mobile app.

So, you’ll need to follow the procedure below to get the cheat activated.

  • Make sure you’re using the MTN 4G LTE SIM
  • Download the MTN mobile app (myMTN)
  • Register an account, or log in if you already have one.
  • On the dashboard, click on the “Data Offer” option
  • Tap on the cards one by one and keep scratching serially until you find the 5GB package for N500.
  • Now, go back and recharge your line with at least N500 airtime.
  • Then, come back to the myMTN App and click on the Buy Now button to activate the subscription.
MTN cheat code for 500 Naira

MTN Cheat 120GB Free Data

HOT!!! And here we come. This is the first MTN free data cheat on the list, it is the hottest, and at the same time the coolest free data cheat on MTN you’ll see on this list.

This cheat is an MTN Awuf data promo that has been around for a long time, and it gives 120GB totally for free.

Below is all you need to activate the MTN cheat 120GB code that I’ll be providing you. 

  • Your MTN SIM card with airtime.
  • An Android device, iOS, or PC
  • You have an active data plan already on your MTN SIM card
  • You have not dialed the USSD or sent an SMS for today’s date

How to Get 120GB MTN Free Data

  • Dial *343*5*0#
  • Select option 7 to get an MTN free data code
  • Then enter the code *121*1*1#
  • Congratulations, you have just received your 120GB!

Alternatively, 567*59# and *567*2*22# are both valid and ready to use for the MTN cheat 120GB. You’ll be granted 120GB browsing data for free which is valid for only three months.

Should you decide to try them out, dial each code with an MTN line that has never been given free data before; if it’s ever gotten free data from any source, these codes won’t work. Also, make sure your SIM card is eligible for the offer by texting “promo” to 312 (or 686).

Note: These MTN cheat codes may get blocked anytime. Don’t be surprised if they stop working any moment from now. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to get a code like this working on your line, congrats!

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MTN Data Cheat For New SIM

If you’re a newcomer, or you just got a brand new MTN SIM, and looking for ways to get free data on these lines, then this section is absolutely for you.

Free the usual free data bonus that can be enjoyed on any new MTN SIM, there are tons of cheat codes that can be activated on a new MTN SIM card.

So, let’s see.

MTN free Data for New SIM

The MTN activation bonus is the only free data that a new MTN SIM can activate independently.

After you register and activate your new line, you will receive a message confirming you have received the N1000 SIM Activation bonus.

That’s how you get instant free data on a new MTN SIM.

More so, since MTN new SIM cards usually come with a default tariff plan that gives a bonus, you can also get free data on your first recharge.

Cheat Codes for MTN New SIM

The following are some MTN cheat codes for the new SIM. You can try them or get your MTN data plan cheat code activated.

  • *121# for TopDeal4ME offer
  • *567*310# for 1GB 200 Naira offer
  • *312*10# for cheap MTN 20 Naira cheat
  • *312*205# for cheap MTN data cheat for 50 Naira package

Those are some of the latest MTN cheat codes for new SIM, and they mainly work for 4G SIM only.

MTN Data Hack for Double Data

The double data cheat is another MTN cheat for free data on new MTN SIM.

Usually, new MTN SIMs usually come with their own benefits, where you can get free data on recharge on some, and double data on data purchase for some.

With the new MTN Yafun Yafun SIM, you can enjoy the MTN data hack for double data.

  • All you need to do is buy a new MTN SIM, register it, and purchase a data bundle to get it double once activated.

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Alternatively, you can use the MTN data cheat code below to activate the MTN data hack.

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *121#
  • Select the “Data4ME” option
  • You’ll see if you have the double data offer available for you.

MTN Free Data Cheat

We’ve discussed the MTN cheat 120GB free data code, talked about the MTN free data code for new SIM, and also touched on some extremely cheap data bundles that can be activated using a specific type of cheat code for MTN.

Now, you may be wondering that, with all that, are there still ways or tricks to enjoy free data cheat on MTN?

Of course, there are. And they are just right below.

  • Join the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan to get a free data bonus on every recharge.
  • Join the MTN Pulse to get free night browsing data
  • Activate the Opera app to get 1.5GB free monthly data on MTN
  • Join MTN Beta Talk to get a free data bonus every month.
  • And continue reading for there are still more ways of getting free data from MTN in this post.

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MTN Free 500MB Cheat

Getting free 500MB on MTN these days is not as easy as you’d thought. A while ago, MTN does give some free data bonuses where you can get up to 500MB free browsing data every month.

However, it’s been a long time since I heard someone talk about the offer, this is because it is not available anymore. Of course, not for the “Big Brainers” who always hunt data cheats.

We’ve found a way to bring back the data package, and now it is called the MTN free 500MB cheat.

However, it is not as straightforward as it once was, because now, you’ll need a VPN to make the MTN free 500MB cheat work.


  • MTN without airtime.
  • The SIM must be active and able to activate the cellular network.
  • Download the required VPN (download link will be provided later)

Once you meet all these three requirements, proceed with the procedure below to get 500MB free data on MTN.


Follow the step-by-step procedure below to get the MTN free 500MB cheat activated on your phone.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the UT Loop Pro VPN
  • Once downloaded, install and open the app
  • On the app, there are two types of Tweaks, tap on the second tweak.
  • Now, tap the “NGA|MTN 500MB/Day”
  • Then, select any location of your choice, or leave the option on Auto Select
  • Finally, click on the BEGIN button to activate the cheat and start enjoying free browsing with 500MB on MTN.

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MTN Free Browsing Cheat

From the beginning of this post, I’ve walked you through a lot of MTN cheat codes for cheap browsing data.

How about we discuss the free MTN browsing cheat that is all about FREE, pure, clean, and legit ways of browsing the internet absolutely for free using your MTN SIM.

This method works like magic simply because you don’t even need to have any airtime or data bundle to use and activate this MTN free browsing cheat.

0.00GB, 0.00MB, and 0.00KB are what you need. That means no any data balance is needed whatsoever to enjoy this MTN free data cheat.

Like seriously?!!!

How is that done?

How to Browse for Free On Airtel

To activate the MTN free browsing cheat, all you need is to download the Opera Mini App. If you have it on your phone already, then you’re set.

MTN gives free 50MB data every day to be used on the Opera mini app, so, when you have the Opera app downloaded on your phone, you can open the app and start browsing for free.

MTN free browsing cheat code

Of course, you can use it to access Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, it can’t be used on TikTok and YouTube because they are outside of the Opera app.

More so, this cheat is called the MTN free browsing cheat because it can only be used for browsing and cannot be used to download anything.

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MTN Free Browsing Cheat Code – FAQs

Is MTN giving free data?

Yes, MTN is legitimately giving free data that can be gotten either by recharging your YafunYafun line to get a free data bonus or purchasing a data bundle to get free 100% data bonus. MTN also gives free data on some tariff plans every month.

How do I claim MTN free data?

You can claim MTN free data by opting in for tariff plans that give free monthly data or subscribing to plans that give bonus on recharge and also double data on purchase.

How can I get 2GB cheat on MTN?

You can get 2GB using the MTN cheat code by dialing *567*310#, or *121*1#.

How can I get MTN 10GB free?

You can get MTN 10GB free by using the UT Loop Pro VPN to get 500MB data daily continuously for 20 days to get free 10GB data.

How can I activate MTN 120GB cheat?

You can activate MTN 120GB cheat by dialing any of the following codes: *343*5*0#, *121*1*1#, 567*59#, and/or *567*2*22#.

How can I get MTN 100GB free?

You can get MTN 100GB free data by dialing *343*5*0#, then dialing *121*1*1#, and see if the 100GB promo package is available for you.

How can I get 5GB on MTN?

You can get 5GB on MTN for 500 Naira by downloading the MTN mobile app, login and selecting Data offers, then keep scratching cards until you find the 5GB promo offer.

How can I hack MTN data for free?

You can hack MTN data for free by downloading the UT Loop VPN, then selecting the NGA|MTN 500MB/Day option to start free browsing on MTN?

How can I browse for free on MTN?

You can browse for free on MTN by downloading the UT Loop VPN, then selecting the NGA|MTN 500MB/Day option to start free browsing on MTN?

How to access free data on MTN?

You can access free data on MTN by simply upgrading your 3G MTN SIM card to 4G, and MTN will legally reward you with a free 10GB data on your new line.

What is the data cheat on MTN night plan?

The MTN night plan cheat is a cheap data bundle that gives 2GB worth of browsing data volume for just 200 Naira, and you can also get 250MB for just 25 Naira. This data can be enjoyed from 11 pm to 6 am.

What are the MTN secret codes?

MTN secret codes for cheap and free data include *121*1#, *121*2#, *121#, *567#, *567*310#, *312*10#, and *312*205#.

How can I get free MB on MTN?

You can get free MB on MTN by simply migrating to a tariff plan that gives free data on airtime recharge such as Yafun Yafun.


With lots of ways to get cheap data bundles on the MTN network, finding cheat codes that could let you get even more data for extremely cheap prices, and in some cases for free is a plus especially if you’re a heavy data user.

With this detailed guide about the MTN data cheat code, I believe you now know all the MTN cheat codes, how to activate data cheat codes on MTN, and of course, how to get free data on MTN with MTN free browsing cheat code.


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