How to Borrow Data From Glo 2023 | Get 3GB+ in 2 Easy Ways

This post conveys information about how to borrow data from Glo.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re at a remote place reading an interesting blog post or watching YouTube and your data got finished?

Sometimes it may be late at night when all the retail shops you can get recharge card has closed.

It’s painful right?!

I guess that’s why you’re here to know how to borrow data from Glo. Just keep reading for I’ve explained in detail how to borrow data on Glo, how to be eligible, how to repay, and so on.

Can’t wait any longer? Then let’s get started.

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About Glo Borrow Me Data

Glo Borrow Me Data is a service on the Glo network that enables Glo users to borrow data and repay at their convenient time.

That means with Glo Borrow Me Data, you can get data with no upfront payment and payback at any time you want.

The introduction of this service has really helped a lot of Glo users to find a way to continue browsing once their subscription expires. This means you do not need to run to a retail store to buy a recharge card and load it before subscribing to your preferred data plan. 

That takes time right?!

And that’s why Glo Borrow Me Data is here for you.

You can borrow up to any amount from Glo depending on your eligibility.

Come to talk about “Eligibility” what does that get to do with borrowing data from Glo?

Keep reading for I will explain that later. But for now, let’s see how to borrow data from Glo in some ways.

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Who Can Borrow Data From Glo (Eligibility & Requirements)

Below are the Requirements for borrowing data on Glo network.

  • You must be a Prepaid customer
  • You must a registered SIM linked with your NIN.
  • You must be active on the network for 3 months and above.

Before you can borrow data on Glo you must have to be an active customer on the network for some time. This period usually ranges from 1 to 3 months.

That means when you get a new Glo SIM, you must make sure that you recharge your line regularly, use it to make calls, and buy data if applicable.

If you are a new or not an active customer and you dial the code to borrow data from Glo, you may be fortunate to be eligible to borrow up to N100 worth of data. But in most cases, you may not be allowed to borrow data as a new Glo user.

More so, the data volume that can be borrowed depends on the average monthly data usage of the customer.

That means heavy data users will be able to borrow more data than those that barely browse.

Now that you’ve know the Glo data loan requirements, let’s see the Glo borrow me data code and how to borrow data from Glo network.

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How to Borrow Data From Glo

To borrow data from Glo, simply;

  1. Go to the dialer app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then dial *321#
  3. Or *321*1#
  4. Reply with 3 to select “Borrow Data”.
  5. Reply with any amount you want to borrow.
  6. Done! You’ll see a pop up confirming your borrowed data subscription
how to borrow data from Glo

Above is a step-by-step guide on how to borrow Glo data using USSD code.

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Another way to borrow data on Glo

Did you want to borrow up to 2GB data from Glo?

Yes! There’s another method you can apply to borrow huge data volume from Glo apart from the normal common method.

Here’s how it works;

You’ll need to borrow airtime (Credit) from Glo by dialing *321#, reply with 2 and choose any amount you want to borrow and you’ll be credited with that amount immediately.

After that, dial *777# to buy data with the airtime you just borrowed.

If you’re seeking how to borrow data on Glo with borrowed airtime, there you have the perfect answer.

Try it, it works.

This method is good especially if you want to subscribe to the Glo weekend plan, or Special data plan without money.

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Glo Borrow Me Data Prices

If you’re wondering about the data volume you’ll get for a specific price, below is a list of the Glo data loan service, and the data volume you’ll be credited.

Glo borrow me data
  • 50 Naira – 40 MB with a validity period of 1 day
  • 100 Naira – Up to 130MB can be borrowed with a validity period of 1 day.
  • 200 Naira – Up to 310MB can be borrowed with a validity period of 5 days
  • 500 Naira – Up to 1.2GB can be borrowed period of 7 days
  • 1000 Naira – If your limit is up to N1000, you can access data loans of up to 2.6GB browsing data, all for 30 days.

So, before dialing the Glo to borrow data on Glo, make sure you keep in mind the data volume that will be disbursed into your account, and also the interest rate.

Glo Borrow Me Data Interest Rate

I hope you know that the Glo data loan comes with interest like other regular loans? So, what’s Glo borrow me data interest rate?

Glo Borrow Me Data interest rate is just 15% for any amount you borrow. That means if you borrow N100, you’ll repay N115. That N15 on top is the service fee or interest rate.

How to Repay Glo Borrow Me Data

To repay Glo Borrow Me Data, just recharge your line and the amount you borrowed will be immediately deducted to repay your loan.


You can dial *321*9*9# to repay the data you borrowed from Glo.

how to borrow data from Glo and repay

Once any of the above is done, you’ll receive a notification message from GLO telling you they just deducted the amount (N***) from your main balance to repay your loan.

Now that you know how to borrow data on Glo and how to repay it back, how much will you be charged while repaying?

How to borrow data on Glo without paying back | Is that Possible?

I would have said dial *—# to activate “Do not repay my loan” on the Glo network. But unfortunately, there is no code that can do that.

However, the only way to borrow data on Glo without paying back is to borrow and not to use the SIM again after you exhaust your borrowed data.

I believe you won’t want to do that because your SIM will be blocked after some months if you do not use it.

Therefore, if you’re looking for how to borrow data on Glo without paying back, the answer is NO, you cannot borrow data from Glo without repaying unless you want your SIM blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glo Borrow Me Data

Why can’t I borrow data from Glo?

There are two main reasons why you can’t borrow data from Glo. The first one is you are not eligible for Glo to Borrow Me Data and the second reason is you have an unpaid balance.

Can I borrow data from Glo? 

Yes! If you’re eligible, you can borrow data from Glo and payback later.

Code to borrow data from Glo

*321# is the code to borrow data from Glo. After dialing this code, a pop-up will show up on your screen, then follow the menu options.

Can I use borrowed airtime to buy data on Glo?

Yes! You can use borrowed airtime to buy data on Glo by dialing *777# to buy data after you borrow airtime.

How do I repay borrowed data from Glo?

Recharge your Glo line and dial *321*9*9# to repay borrowed data from Glo. Once this is done, the amount you borrowed will be deducted immediately.


Borrowing data on Glo has never been this easy. Once you meet the requirements, you’re good to go.

I believe this guide has helped you know how to borrow data from Glo, and how to borrow data on Glo, how to repay, and also some common questions about Glo Borrow Me Data.

Please feel free to use the comments section if you’re still having problems borrowing data on the Glo network.

Peace Out!!!

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