Glo Free Night Browsing Code 2023 | UNLIMITED Midnight Data

Did you just learn that Glo gives free data for night browsing only and you’re wondering how to get free night browsing on Glo?

Or you are just wondering if Glo gives free night browsing.

Then search no further, for you’ve landed on the right page where I will walk you through everything you need to know about the Glo free night browsing. These include, how to get free night browsing on Glo, how to use Glo free night browsing, how to check the balance, and so on.

About Glo Free Night Browsing

The Globacom telecommunication company is yet back again with another juicy data bonus to be enjoyed by all of its customers.

Yes, “all of its customers”. Whether you’re using new or old Glo SIM, and irrespective of the tariff plan you’re subscribed to, you can get free night browsing on Glo.

People usually thought that this free night browsing on Glo is a cheat, or should even sound like Glo free night browsing cheat, but it is actually not. This free night browsing doesn’t have any cheat code nor a hack, as it is voluntarily offered by the Glo network.


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How to Get Free Night Browsing on Glo

Getting free night browsing on Glo is very easy. But however, you can get it activated by subscribing to one of the Glo cheap data plans.

Yes, unlike Airtel free night data, Glo free night data is not totally free, as the Glo network offers it as compensation to Glo users that purchase any of the Glo data plans.

The Glo free night browsing ranges depending on the amount of regular data you purchased. That means the hight the amount you purchase, the higher the free night data bonus you’ll get.

For example, if you purchase the N100 Glo data plan, you’ll get an additional free 35MB data volume to be used only at night. If you subscribe to the Glo N200 data plan, 110 megabytes of data for free night browsing on the Glo network.

Of course, that’s not all the Glo data plan that offers free night browsing, as there are still lots more. To make things easy and understandable, I’ve prepared a table that shows you the free night data you get on the Glo network and how to activate them. Just keep reading to find out about it.

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How to Use Glo Free Night Browsing

When it comes to using the Glo free night browsing, the main questions that pop into people’s minds are how to activate it, what time it starts, and what time it ends. Don’t worry, these will be explained one by one later in this post.

Like I said earlier, you’ll need to buy a data bundle on Glo then get free night data as a bonus before you can use Glo free night browsing.

Once you get the free night browsing data, you can use it by turning on your data at midnight. Unlike the MTN free night browsing that works on YouTube only, the night data bonus you get on Glo can be used to scroll through social media, watch YouTube videos, listen to audios online, browse through the web, and probably everything you usually use your data subscription for.

Now that you know how to use it, then how do you activate free night browsing on Glo?

How to Activate Glo Free Night Browsing

You can activate the free night data on Glo by simply subscribing to any of Glo data plans by using the *777# code and selecting Data, then Buy Data Plan, and then select the option for the data plan and bundle you want to buy.

That’s it. Once it is done correctly, you’ll get free data as a bonus to be used at midnight only.

To make things clearer below is a table that explains how much additional Glo free night data you get when you subscribed to any of the Glo data plans.

PriceStandard DataNight BonusValidity Period
N5045MB5MB1 Day
N100115MB35MB1 Day
N200240MB110MB2 Days
N500784MB550MB14 Days
N10001.9GB1GB30 Days
N15003.5GB600MB30 Days
N20005.2GB600MB30 Days
N25006.8GB900MB30 Days
N300010GB1GB30 Days
N400014GB1GB30 Days
N500020GB2GB30 Days
N800027.5GB2GB30 Days
N1000046GB4GB30 Days
N1500086GB7GB30 Days
N18000109GB10GB30 Days
N20000126GB12GB30 Days

Glo Free Night Browsing Time

Glo free night browsing starts at 12 am and ends at 5 am. This simply means its duration is just 5 hours.

How to Check Glo Free Night Data Balance

You can check Glo free night data balance by simply dialing *127*0#, and your free night data balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen.


With lots of free and cheap data Glo network offers, they are really what the name “Grand Master of Data”.

The Glo free night browsing isn’t an exception when it comes to data bonuses on the Glo network. Since lots of people are awake through the night nowadays, browsing should be cheaper. 

That’s why the Globacom telecommunication company came up with the idea of an additional night data on every regular data subscription on the Glo network.

I hope this post is helpful? Then let me know how you feel about it in the comment box below.


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