Airtel Night Plan Code 100 for 1GB & 500MB for N25 +FREE Data 2023

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If so, search no further, for you just landed on the right page where I’ll explain to you everything you need to know about the Airtel night plan, the codes to activate it, and also answer some questions such as who is eligible for the night plan, how long it lasts and so on.

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What is Airtel Night Plan?

Popularly referred to as Airtel night sub, Airtel night plan is an exclusive midnight data offer launched by Airtel Nigeria to make browsing cheap for its subscribers.

This night data plan gives a lot of Airtel users that work at night the opportunity to enjoy almost unlimited browsing through the night.

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Who is Eligible for Airtel Night Sub?

One common question I frequently see people asking when it comes to exclusive data bundles is “Am I eligible for it?”


The Airtel night data plan was created for the night only and is available for all airtel users irrespective of his/her current tariff plan. 

However, Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB is launched on the Smart Trybe tariff plan of the Airtel network.

That is why most people tell you to migrate from your current tariff plan to Airtel Smart Trybe before you will be eligible for Airtel night plan.

Yes, as an Airtel network subscriber, you can only subscribe to the network’s night plan if you’re on the SmartTrybe tariff plan.

One more thing about the eligibility for the Airtel night plan and Smart Trybe is that you might be limited to some other exclusive night plan offers such as the Airtel 500MB for 25.

Based on my research, the 500MB for 25 Airtel night sub is only available on the Smart Trybe tariff plan only. 

Therefore, you’ll need to migrate to Smart Trybe if that’s the data offer you’re looking for.

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How To Migrate To Airtel Night Plan Tariff

Just dial *412# and reply 1 to migrate from your current tariff plan to Smart Trybe.

After this, you will receive a message from Airtel welcoming you to the new tariff plan (Smart Trybe). Then, you can now proceed to dial the night plan for Airtel code.

You can also follow the steps below to migrate:

  • Simply dial *121#
  • Reply with 5 – Billing & Tariff
  • Select 2 – Smart Trybe @ 11k (After 50 sec)
  • Finally, proceed to migrate.

A Quick Short Code To Easily Migrate:

Simply dial *412*1# and you’re successfully migrated to Smart Trybe.

Smart Trybe migration code

With that out of the way, let’s see how to sub for the Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB, N25 and N50 night plan for Airtel.

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How To Do Airtel Night Plan

Among all the data plans on the Airtel network, the Airtel night plan is the easiest, most straightforward and fastest to do.

To subscribe to this plan, you must first have at least N25 on your main account balance.

Please keep in mind that you can’t use bonus credit/balance to subscribe to this data plan. 

Once these requirements are met, you can now proceed.

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Airtel Night Plan Code 2023

To activate the night plan on Airtel, simply follow the simply guide below.

  • Simply dial *312# or *412#
  • Then, select option 3 – Night Browsing.

That’s the code for Airtel night plan. However, make sure you have a sufficient account balance of at least N25 pre-loaded.

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What is the Airtel Night Sub Code?

The code for Airtel night sub is *412*3#, and you’ll get the night browsing activated on your Airtel SIM instantly if you have a sufficient airtime balance of at least N25.

You can also dial *481*2# to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Night plan for 200 Naira. This plan only last 3 hours, however, you can use it any how you like.

Airtel Night Plan N100 for 1GB

Code for Airtel Night Plan

Since you can make an Airtel night sub with N50 and N100, that means there should be more Airtel night browsing offers for you to enjoy.

The following are all Airtel night plan code and a clear explanation on how to subscribe to your preferred night data plan on the Airtel network.

Airtel Night Plan Code For 25 Naira

The Airtel night plan code for 25 naira is *412*3# to subscribe to Airtel Night Browsing (N25 for 250MB) data plan.

After this, You should see a pop-up notification message telling you that your subscription or activation was successful.

Airtel Night Sub Code for 25 Naira for 500MB

First of all, to subscribe to this plan, you need to migrate to the Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan, and also have a sufficient airtime balance of at least N25.

Once successfully migrated with a sufficient airtime balance, simply dial *412*3#, a pop should appear on your screen telling you that your subscription to the Airtel night plan, or Airtel 500 for 25 Naira night plan is successful.

Airtel Night Plan Code for 50 Naira

The Airtel night sub code to activate 50 night browsing on Airtel is *412*3#. Then, dial it once again to make it N50 for 500MB.

Airtel Night Plan 100 for 1GB

Simply Dial *412*3# to subscribe to Airtel Night Browsing (N25 for 250MB). Then Repeat this process 4 times to activate the Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB.

However, if you’re already migrated to the Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan, you only need to repeat the process twice where you’ll get 1GB for N50.

Yes! That’s equivalent to 100 naira for 1GB.

Airtel 1.5GB Night Plan Code

Simply dial *312*505# to subscribe to the Airtel Night Plan 500 for 1.5GB. This plan is valid for 7 days. That simply means once you activate this night bundle on Airtel, you’ll have 7 nights to use it.

Airtel Night Browsing Code

PricesData VolumeActivation Codes
N50500MB*412*3# (2X)
N1001GB*412*3# (4X)
N25500MBMigrate to SmartTrybe

Those (above) are the codes for Airtel night bundles.

How To Check Your Night Sub Balance on Airtel

Simply dial any of these three codes *312*11*0#, *310*10#, or *312*712*0# to check your night plan balance on Airtel via direct USSD code.

Direct USSD code isn’t the only way to check your data balance, for there are many different methods you can use.

And here are some.


To see your night data balance via SMS, just send: “Status” to 312. Please make sure you remove the quotes when sending.

And that’s it! Your data balance will be sent to you via text message in less than a minute.

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Advanced Method to Monitor Your Data Balance

Oh! All that three USSD codes aren’t working for you? Or you’ve tried using the SMS method and they aren’t replying to your message? 

Don’t worry there’s always a way out.

This is the trick. You just follow the steps. 

  • Go to Settings on your mobile device
  • Locate and tap on “Data Usage” section
  • Then set up a data limit of which you receive a warning whenever data reaches the limit.

For example, Set the data limit at 250MB.

Once you use data up to 249 megabytes, you will get a notification and your data connection will be turned off immediately.

Did it worked? It definitely should!

How to Renew Airtel Night Plan

Simply dial *412# and reply “3” in the dialogue box of the pop-up that displays to renew your Airtel night plan.

You can also use the easy short code *412*3# to quickly renew your night data plan on Airtel.

Keep in mind that this data plan doesn’t have an auto-renewal feature. Therefore, you’ll have to renew it manually by yourself by dialing any of the above codes.

Benefits of Airtel Night Plan

There are a lot of benefits that come with the Night plan over the regular daily, weekly, and even monthly data plan. 

Let’s take a look at some. 

  • Cheap and affordable data.
  • Speedy and fast internet connection.
  • Multiple subscription features.
  • Being able to download large files.
  • And so on.

Those are the benefits you get from the Airtel night subscription after activating it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Night Plan

Does Airtel offers night plan?

Yes! Airtel offers a night plan that allows its users to enjoy cheap, affordable, and fast browsing through the night. You can subscribe to the plan with just N25 and get 250MB to enjoy midnight browsing.

Is Airtel night plan still working?

Yes, Airtel night plan is still working and an be activated by dialing *312*3#.

Is Airtel free at night?

The Airtel midnight data plan is not free, as you’ll need anything from N25 to N100 to activate it. Although there’s a free night bundle on Airtel.

How much is Airtel night plan?

Airtel night plan price ranges from as low as N25 and up to N100.

What is the code for Airtel night plan?

*312*3# is the code for Airtel night data plan.

How can I buy night plan on Airtel?

You can buy night plan on Airtel by dialing *312*3#, then pick your preferred night bundle.

What time is the Airtel night bonus?

Airtel night bonus starts from 1 am at midnight and ends 5 am very early in the morning.

How long does the data plan lasts?

Airtel night data plan only lasts for a day.

What time does the data starts and ends?

Unlike MTN night plan 9 pm to 6 am, the night plan on Airtel starts from 12 am midnight and ends at 5 am early morning.

What is airtel night plan duration?

The duration for the Airtel night plan is just 5 hours (12 am – 5 am). That is you have just 5 hours to enjoy this exclusive offer.

How many times can I do Airtel night plan?

You can activate or subscribe to this data plan unlimited times through the night.

How can I use Airtel night data on youtube?

Yes, Airtel night bundle can be used on YouTube and any other mobile data using apps/platforms.

Can I use the Airtel night bundle without migrating to a Smart Trybe?

Yes! Actually, only users on the Smart Trybe tariff are only eligible for this offer while it was launched initially. But now, all Airtel users irrespective of their current tariff plan can now use the Airtel night plan code and start enjoying this offer. 

In fact, for the purpose of this content, I tried the night plan on SmartTalk and it worked.

Although it is not guaranteed that it will for you, just try it.

How can I activate Airtel night pack?

Just dial *312*3# to activate the Airtel night pack.

What is the Airtel night plan SMS code?

The Airtel network currently doesn’t have an SMS code for Airtel night sub, as you can only use the *312# midnight data code for Airtel to activate the plan.


If you’re using the Airtel network and you got some large files to download, whether games, videos, courses, or ebooks, the Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB is the best option for you.

And that’s why I’ve curated this post to enlighten you about the Airtel night plan, how to activate the Airtel night sub code, the code for Airtel night plan, how to activate it, how to be eligible, and so on.

I believe by now you should have known how to do Airtel night sub, and also understood everything about the Airtel 100 for 1GB night plan. 

Feel free to drop any questions about this post in the comments section. I’ll be very glad to help you out.

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