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This post is all about the Airtel Instagram bundle

Are you bored and want to catch a cruise to laugh away the boredom by watching some funny skit on Instagram, but the problem is that you do not have enough data, or you want to use the data you have for something else? 

Or do you have a very important post you want to see on Instagram? Maybe you heard of a trending post by your favorite Influencer on Instagram?

But with all these reasons, you still don’t have enough data. Of course, the only thing that could be stopping you from doing all these on Instagram is data. If you use Instagram frequently, you’ll notice it sucks more data than Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Therefore, little data won’t do.

However, with the economic situation of the country currently, buying huge data bundles can be annoying sometimes, especially when it got eaten up fast. So improvising to an app-based data package is the perfect option now.

This will help save money since they are all very very cheap to afford and don’t get eaten up fast. And the Airtel Instagram bundle is a good example.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then keep reading, for I’ve explained everything you need to know about the Airtel Instagram plan. These include how to buy Instagram data on Airtel, how to activate it, how to use it, and lots more. 


Without further ado, let’s get started!

About Airtel Instagram Bundle

Similar to the Glo Instagram bundle, the Airtel Instagram bundle is an Airtel data package that gives you complete access to all Instagram features once subscribed for it.

To break it down, when you buy the Airtel Instagram data bundle, you will be able to use the Instagram App, log in to your account, scroll through the feed, view stories, watch videos and reels, post your own content, and even send and receive messages.

However, unlike the Airtel TikTok bundle, you won’t be able to use other social media channels when subscribed to this Airtel Instagram bundle, unless you have an active social bundle or a data package for each of the social media channels respectively.

Knowing what the plan is and how it works is useless if we don’t discuss how to buy the plans.

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Airtel Instagram Data Plan Code

When it comes to the Instagram data plan on Airtel, it seems the network also knows how the rate at which the social media app consumes data, that is why they made the packages flexible for users.

There are just Instagram bundles on Airtel. The first one costs N100 and the second one costs N200, and they are both daily plans. That means Airtel Instagram plan lasts for just 24 hours.

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Airtel Instagram Bundle Code

The first Airtel daily Instagram bundle cost N100, and it can be activated following the steps below.

  • Simply dial *312#
  • Reply with 7 – Social Bundle
  • Reply with 5 – Instagram Bundles
  • Select 1 – 250MB for Instagram/N100/ Daily

The second Airtel daily Instagram bundle cost N200, and it can be activated following the steps below.

  • Simply dial *312#
  • Reply with 7 – Social Bundle
  • Reply with 5 – Instagram Bundles
  • Select 2 – 1GB for Instagram/N200/ Daily

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How to Use Airtel Instagram Plan

Similar to Airtel WhatsApp data plan, once you’ve successfully subscribed to the Airtel Instagram bundle, you can use it by simply opening the Instagram App and scrolling through the feed, doing all that you usually do on the App.

Once you open the Instagram app, the data becomes active automatically, and immediately you close the app, your data bundle becomes inactive until you open the app again.

I believe by now you should have known more about the Airtel Instagram bundle, how to buy Airtel Instagram data plan, and how to use it.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you thought I missed something, or you didn’t find the answer you seek.

Peace Out!……..

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