Airtel Awuf Data Code 2023 | Get UNLIMITED FREE Data Bonus

Do you want to start enjoying free browsing and also get free (Awuf/Awoof) data for unlimited downloads?

It’s obvious nobody would prefer downloading files, movies, and audio music with the data they purchased with their money.

So, this often leads people to find ways to download large files with little to no cost to them. And in search of ways to do that, you may, fortunately, think of the Airtel Awuf data.

And when that comes to your mind, when may follow is Airtel awuf code, or Airtel awuf data code, or even code Airtel awuf data.

If any of those is what landed you on this post, then search no further for you’ve landed on the right page where I’ll show you how to get awuf data on Airtel. In other words, how to get free data on Airtel.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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About Airtel Awuf Data

First things first, before moving on to the Airtel awuf code, I think it is best to know more about the Airtel awuf data.

The Airtel awuf data are those promotional offers that are been run by Airtel on the Airtel network to enable its subscribers to enjoy more benefits from the network, and also keep them loyal to the company.

Breaking it down, while talking about the awuf Airtel data, we mean those promos that subscribers can activate to get gifts/offers like double data, bonus on recharges, and all other sorts of free data offer from Airtel.

While those awuf are sweet, they sometimes come with their own criteria respectively. These criteria may be a free data offer that is tariff-based, therefore, you’ll need to switch tariff plans before you can enjoy these types of offers.

Some Airtel awuf data do require you to pay a little, then you’ll get double of the data purchased.

Finally, let’s get things right here. The Airtel awuf data is not an Airtel data cheat.

Yes, it doesn’t require any VPN trick or any illegal process. That simply means it is approved by the Airtel network as compensation to its customers.

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Airtel Awuf Data Code

As said above, the Airtel awuf data can be activated in different ways, or by applying multiple methods.

I would have said something like “just dial *////#, and you’ll get free awuf data on Airtel”.

But since there are different forms of promo offers that could let you get awuf data on Airtel, I’m sure you’ll get confused.

So, to make things clear,  we’ve curated posts for those promo offers that could let you get awuf data on Airtel. Check them out below.

Airtel Double Data Offer

Airtel 8X Awuf Bonus on Recharge

Airtel Free Night Data

Based on the one you click, the posts above will show you how to get awoof data bonus when you recharge your Airtel line. And you’ll also get to see how you can get double the data that you purchase.

That means when you buy N500 data to get 750MB, you’ll get another 750MB as awuf bonus, making your total data volume 1.5GB.

All Airtel Awuf Data Bonuses & Codes

If you’re still finding it difficult to get an awoof data on Airtel, the table below will help.

PlanAwuf DataCode
Smart ConnectFree Data Bonus on Recharge + 100% Data on Purchase*311#
Smart Recharge500% Data Bonus on Recharge*220*Pin#
Smart TrybeFree Night Data*312#
Cheap BundleN300 for 1.5GB*312*242#
Cheap Bundle2.5GB for 500 Naira*312# (Data++)
Small PackageN20 Data Bundles*312*242#
Data Cheat1GB for N100*474*1#

Who is Eligible for Airtel Awuf Data Bonuses?

The Airtel Awoof data plans are available for all Airtel users, but not enjoyable by all.

What does that mean?

Since there are different types of Awuf data on Airtel, there are different eligibility criteria for them respectively.

Some are tariff based where you’ll need to migrate from one tariff plan to another before you can enjoy it.

More so, some are available for new users only, while some can be activated only on old SIMs.

Therefore, your eligibility status for the Airtel awoof data code depends on the type of Awuf bonus you choose.

How to Check Airtel Awuf Data Balance

There are several ways to check your Airtel awuf balance.

  • You can simply dial *310#, and your bonus data balance will be sent to your Airtel line via SMS. The information sent to you will contain all your Airtel awuf data balance and also your currently active data bundle (if you have any).
  • You can also check your Airtel awuf data balance by simply dialing *310*1#, and the Airtel awuf bonus data you have left will be displayed on your phone’s screen instantly.
Airtel awuf data code

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Airtel Awuf Data – FAQ

How do I subscribe to Airtel AWUF?

You can subscribe to Airtel AWUF by simply migrating to the Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan.

How do I get free data on Airtel?

You can get free data on Airtel by simply migrating to the Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan, and recharging your line to get a free data bonus. Or purchase a big data plan to get double data on Airtel.

Who can get AWUF data on Airtel?

Only Airtel users that are subscribed to SmartConnect and some other bonus giving tariff plans can enjoy Awuf data on Airtel.

What is the Airtel Awuf cheat code?

The cheat code for Airtel awuf data plan is *474*1#. Another Airtel awoof cheat code is *312*242# to get the cheapest data bundles on Airtel.


With the high competition in the telecom industry in Nigeria, the Airtel network has also started moving forward so as to beat their competition.

And that’s why they come up with several promos that help their customers loyal to the company, and of course, the Airtel AWUF data is what I’m talking about.

I believe by now, you should have activated the Airtel awuf code, and gotten the free data.

I hope this content is helpful?


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