Airtel 4G Cheat Code 2023 | 2X FREE Data & Browsing

Hi Friend! In my previous post, I talked about the Airtel data cheat code that works for all SIM types including 3G and 2G.

But now, this is a separate post that goes into the details of the Airtel 4G cheat, and how to get some cheap and FREE data browsing data on the Airtel network with a 4G SIM.

Since the 4G LTE is becoming more popular day by day, many airtel customers are buying and upgrading to the package to enjoy more benefits. But do you know with 4G LTE, you can enjoy the cheapest data ever? And even get unlimited free data bonuses?

Of course, that is possible only if you know the cheat codes for Airtel 4G that I’ll be showing you here in this post.

So, just take a seat, and read on to see some of the tricks for the Airtel 4G data hack.

About Airtel 4G Cheat

Similar to the cheat codes for Airtel 3G, the Airtel 4G cheat are tricks, methods, and a set of codes that can be used to get cheap and of course, free data with the 4G SIM on Airtel.


As the name implies, data volume received using any of the cheat codes for Airtel 4G can only be used over the 4G network and in some cases may not work for 3G and 2G.

Although it is commonly known as explained above, not all the browsing data received using the 4G cheat codes only works over the 4G network.

That simply means while lots of 4G cheats on Airtel may only work on 4G network supported devices, some 4G packages work for 3G and even 2G too.

Note: The Airtel 4G cheat is made to be available for all 4G users, however not all can be enjoyed by all 4G customers, as some eligibility requirements are tough.

So, starting with some of the most flexible ones, let’s see all the cheat codes for Airtel 4G.

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Cheat Codes for Airtel 4G

Using the *312# Airtel data package subscription code, there are tons of bundles that can be enjoyed at extremely cheap prices including the UNLIMITED DATA BUNDLES.

However, there are still cheaper packages that can be gotten using the special cheat codes for Airtel 4G. These subscriptions include:

4G Super Data Offers

The Airtel Super Data Offers are some exclusive and extremely cheap bundles that can be enjoyed using the Airtel 4G cheat code only.

That means you can find these packages on the Airtel data plan menu list using the *312# code for Airtel subscriptions.

The 4G Super Data houses some of the best and of course the cheapest data packages on the Airtel network at the moment.

With the cheat code for Airtel 4G Super data offers, you can get the cheapest data package on Airtel which is the 20 Naira data plan. Of course, there are still more.

To Activate the packages, you need to ensure you have and use the 4G SIM, and also use the Airtel 4G cheat code which is right below.

  • The Airtel 4G cheat code for super data is *312*242#.

After dialing this code, you’ll see the list of the available cheapest data bundles for you as follows.

  • 75MB for N20
  • 250MB for N50
  • 1.5GB for N300
  • 5G for N1000
Airtel 4G Cheat

Those are the data cheats for Airtel 4G. Just make sure you have ₦20 and above in order to activate any of those cheat codes for Airtel 4G in Nigeria.

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4G Double Data Offer

If you’re looking for the latest Airtel 4G data plan cheat using *312#, then this one’s for you, as you don’t need any long code to get it activated.


  • A fully registered Airtel 4G SIM
  • At least 500 Naira airtime balance
  • First time migration to Airtel SmartConnect


To activate the Airtel 4G double data cheat code, all you need to do is migrate to the Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan, then recharge your line with at least N500, and dial the code below to purchase a data bundle.

  • *312*1# to buy a data bundle of N500+

Once that code is dialed, a pop up containing some cheap bundles will appear on your screen.

The packages in the bundle are usually 2X the regular data plan rate.

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Airtel 4G Cheat for Free Data

If you are looking for the cheat codes for Airtel 4G free data where you don’t have to purchase a data bundle, this section is for you.

The 4G free data cheat on Airtel only works on the SmartConnect tariff plan. So, you’ll need to buy a new 4G SIM that is already on SC by default or migrate to SmartConnect on your old 4G SIM.

Once that is done, all you just need to do is recharge your line and you’ll get a free 700% bonus, that includes more data bonus to enjoy for free.

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Airtel 4G Cheat for Free Browsing

To browse for free using an Airtel 4G cheat, you’ll need to download the Opera app and install it on your phone.

Opera Mini gives free 1.5G data every month to Airtel network users to be used only on the Opera Mini and Opera News apps.

Your Airtel 4G free browsing cheat on Opera Mini can be used to surf Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, it can’t be used on TikTok and YouTube because they are outside of the Opera app.

So, if you want a way to browse the internet for free using your Airtel 4G SIM, Opera is currently the answer, as all you need is 0GB, 0MB, 0KB, and 0Byte to get connected.

Cheat Codes for Airtel 4G in Nigeria – FAQs

How can I get 1GB for 200 on Airtel 4G?

You can get 1GB for 200 on Airtel 4G by simply dialing *312*242#, then selecting the 200 Naira data package.

How can I get free data on Airtel 4G?

You can get free data on Airtel 4G by simply migrating to the Airtel SC plan, and recharging your line frequently to get free data, or buy a data plan to get a 100% free data bonus.

How can I get 2GB for 200 on Airtel 4G?

You can get 2GB for 200 on Airtel 4G by simply dialing *482#, and selecting the 200 Naira data package.


With this simple guide, I believe you’ve known the cheat codes for Airtel 4G and how to activate them to get cheap and free data bonuses.

If you still have questions concerning this topic, feel free to drop them down in the comment box below, I’ll be glad to help only if it’s about the Airtel 4G cheat.


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