9mobile Night Plan Code 1GB, 500MB, for 50 | Etisalat Midnight Sub

This post contains information about the 9mobile night browsing code.

Since the introduction of night data plans on other Nigeria networks providers’ data offers, many users have been curious to know how to do night plan on 9mobile.

Hurray! This post just got the answers you seek.

From how to be eligible to how to activate it and even to how to get night data plan at a very cheap rate, I’ve explained everything you need to know about the 9mobile night plan in this article.

And I believe after reading this post, how to do night plan on 9mobile will not be a thing to worry about anymore.

Without any further ado! Let’s get started!

What is 9mobile Night Data Plan All About?

Similar to other networks’ night plans, Etisalat night plan, or 9mobile night plan is a data plan offered by 9mobile to enable its subscribers to browse the internet at a cheap cost at midnight.

That means 9mobile users can now browse at a cheap and affordable rate compared to the normal daytime data plans.

There is a range of night data bundle options on the 9mobile network. However, subscribing to the most beneficial one depends on how much you can afford.

No! Don’t panic, for 9mobile night data plans are extremely cheap to afford to start from just N50 and up to N2000.

That means you have a wide range of options to pick from based on the volume of data you want to use.

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Who is Eligible for 9mobile Night Plan?

9mobile night sub eligibility criteria are not as strict, hard, or harsh as you may think, for it is not necessarily a tariff-based plan and you do not need a new SIM to access the service.

That means you do not need to go to a 9mobile shop or KYC registration center to get and register a new SIM or migrate from your current tariff plan to another one to enjoy the Etisalat night plan.

However, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of the 9mobile night plan, you are advised to migrate to the 9mobile MoreCliq tariff plan.

That is, If you’re among those asking “How to do night plan on 9mobile for 50 Naira”, then it is a must for you to migrate to MoreCliq.

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How to migrate to MoreCliq

If you want to enjoy the MoreCliq tariff plan on the 9mobile network, then dial *244*1# to migrate and start enjoying the benefits of the MoreCliq tariff plan.


Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the dialer app on your mobile phone. 
  • Simply dial *244#.
  • Reply 1 to migrate to Morecliq.
  • Done! You have successfully migrated to MoreCliq tariff plan.

Once this is done, you are now ready to subscribe to the Etisalat (9mobile) Night Plan.

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How to Activate Night Data on 9mobile

As said earlier, there are two night data plans on the 9mobile network. One for MoreCliq tariff plan users, and the other for all 9mobile users irrespective of the tariff plans or SIM type.

Let’s break down how to activate both.

9mobile Night Plan Code (MoreCliq Tariff only)

In order to enjoy cheap night browsing on the 9mobile network, you must make sure you’re on or migrated to the MoreCliq tariff plan.

Once that is done, then use any of the following codes to activate the 9mobile night data plans on Morecliq tariff.

9mobile Night Plan for 50 Naira

*282*22# is the code for 9mobile night plan for N50. You’ll receive 500MB data volume that is valid for 24 hours and active at midnight only. It can be purchased as many times as possible.

How to do Night Plan on 9mobile

Or dial *229*10*10# to get 250MB for N50.

And that’s how to do night plan on 9mobile with just N50.

9mobile Night Plan for 100 Naira

Simply dial *282*22# and repeat one more time to activate the 9mobile night plan for 100 Naira. It is valid for just 24 hours and is active from 12 am to 5 am at midnight.

9mobile Night Plan Code for 25 Naira

I would have loved to say dial *282*11*11# or *282*22#, but the 9mobile night plan code for 25 naira is no longer available on the Etisalat network. That simply means it is been upgraded to the N50 plan.

9mobile Night Sub Code (All Tariff Plans)

If you’re enjoying your current tariff plan and do not want to migrate to MoreCliq now, this is how you can subscribe to the night data plan on your current tariff plan.

9mobile Night Plan for 200 Naira

  • Simply dial *229*3*11# to get 1GB for N200 | Valid for 24hrs. Night only plan (11 pm – 5 am).

9mobile Night Plan for 1000 Naira

  • Simply dial *229*3*12# to get 3GB for N1000 | Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 6:59 am).

Etisalat Night Plan Code for 2000 Naira

  • Dial *229*3*13# to get 7GB for N2000 | Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 6:59 am) | 100MB WhatsApp (24/7).

Yeah! Just as simple as that. Dialing any of the above activation codes will get your desired Etisalat night plan in a few seconds.

How to Check 9mobile Night Data Balance

Simply dial *228# to get your 9mobile night data balance details. A pop-up that conveys the information should display.

You must check your 9mobile midnight browsing data plan balance to make sure the data bundle you just subscribed to has been allocated to you. Also to make sure it isn’t getting exhausted so fast.

Lest I forget, how long does this data plan last? 

9mobile Night Plan Time/Duration

9mobile midnight plan is valid from 12 am to 5 am. That is to say, a few seconds before or after the given time, your night plan data won’t browse any more, and you’ll have to wait for another night for it to be active again.

That means, unlike the MTN night plan which its duration is 7 hours (11 pm to 6 am), the duration is just 5 hours for a 9mobile night data plan.

Etisalat Night Plan Code

The following is a list of the Etisalat night sub code.

PricesData VolumeActivation CodesValidity Period
₦50500MB*282*22#1 Day
₦1001GB*282*22# (2X)1 Day
₦2001GB*229*3*11#1 Day
₦10003GB*229*3*12#30 Days
₦20007GB*229*3*13#30 Days

9mobile Night Data Plan – FAQs

Does 9mobile have a night plan?

Yes! 9mobile offers a night plan that is active at midnight only and valid from 12 am to 5 am.

What is the code for 9mobile night plan?

  • *282*22# | 500MB for N50
  • *282*22# (Twice) | 1GB for N100
  • *229*10*10# | 250MB for N50
  • *229*3*11# | 1GB for N200
  • *229*3*12# | 3GB for N1000
  • *229*3*13# | 7GB for N2000

Those are all the night plan codes on 9mobile. You can go with any one of your choices.

How can I buy night plan on Etisalat?

Just dial *229*10*10# or *282*22# (MoreCliq Tariff) to buy the night data plan on Etisalat.

How do I activate my night plan on 9mobile?

After successful subscribing by dialing *229*10*10# and dialing *228# to confirm you’ve received the data volume, then turn on your data connection, and your night plan will be activated automatically.

If after doing this, you cannot still connect to the internet, try the following trick:

  • Turn On Airplane For. Turn it back OFF and try turn on your data again.
  • Configure You APN Correctly. Try using below APN Settings on your device: 
  • Send “SETTINGS” to “760″ and you’ll receive configurations settings from 9mobile via SMS (text message). Make sure you save it.

That doesn’t work?

Then try to configure the 9mobile APN for browsing manually following the steps below:

Go to Settings, find and click on the APN Settings. Then input the following.

  • Name – 9mobile (Network)
  • APN – 9mobile
  • Proxy – or
  • Port – 8080
  • Username – Leave blank
  • Password – Leave blank

Once this is done, turn on your data connection. It should on now.

What is the Etisalat night plan code for 25 Naira

There is no option for the 25 naira night plan on the 9mobile network at the moment.

However, 9mobile may decide to add it in the future. If that happens, this section will be updated as soon as possible.

What is the 9mobile night plan cheat code

The 9mobile night plan for 100 naira is currently what we could recover to as 9mobile night plan cheat, for 9mobile do not offer the bundle directly. Instead, we used a trick by dialing the code for N50 night plan twice. 

That means dialing *228*22# (two time) is the cheat code for 9mobile night data plan.


Are you still worried about how to do night plan on 9mobile? 

Probably No!

Now you see I was right at the beginning when I told you after carefully reading this article, 9mobile night data plan won’t be a thing to worry about anymore.

If you are still worried about it or have any questions about this post, kindly drop them in the comments section below. I’ll be very glad to help. Cheers!

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